Review: Bones on Ice

Bones on Ice
Bones on Ice by Kathy Reichs
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I noticed another review of this excoriated the mini-novel phenomenon, but sometimes there’s not enough plot to justify a full-length novel. If I were putting together an argument in favour of novellas, I would adduce this book: an author and protagonist with whom I’m familiar, an interesting premise, deftly served, and not purporting to be anything else.

Well done, Kathy Reichs. Now, when is it Kindle is delivering your new full-length novel?

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I will not have sex with you: Reflections on Coming of Age in a Culture of Rape


Powerful; excerpt/takeaway: “America is just like Sodom and Gomorrah.

It is.

But not because of the homosexual community. It is like Sodom and Gomorrah because of the complete and unquestioned acceptance of sexual violence that is a foundational part of our culture.”

Originally posted on revtiffanythomas:

I went to a college that had extremely close ties with Bill Cosby. I spent nearly all four years studying and learning in a building that was named for him because of his generous endowment to my institution. My school has recently decided to cut all ties with him. Upon reading the report of their separation with Cosby, I have been reflection on how painful, and shocking, and deeply disturbing it is to hear the many testimonies against him, accusing him of sexual violence of all sorts.

I have been equally pained, shocked, and deeply disturbed by hearing the rhetoric that has been pouring out in support of Cosby:

What would Bill Cosby want with those hoes?

He didn’t rape them, they wanted it.

Why would they come to his house/hotel if they didn’t know what was about to go down?

And on and on, I have heard men…

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Why you may want to check your beliefs


Daunting words from a challenging post: “the ultimate test of any rule or doctrine is not, ‘Does it cohere intellectually?’ but, ‘Does it encourage me to be more loving to others?'”

Originally posted on Ben Irwin:

"For centuries, gay people  were thrown out of their families, thrown out of their churches. We were jailed. We had hormones inflicted on us. We went through unbelievable trauma in the 80s and 90s, in which 300,000 young people died. Where was the church?" –Andrew Sullivan

Evangelicals are starting to acknowledge the harm they’ve done to the LGBT community.

For example, at this year’s Q conference in Boston, Gabe Lyons told those gathered that the church ought to repent for how it’s treated gays and lesbians. Then he went a step further, offering a public apology to Andrew Sullivan (in response to the above quote).

Megachurch pastor David Whiting began a recent sermon on homosexuality apologizing for the “hatred, anger, dislike, and disdain” churches have shown to gay people. With visible remorse, he acknowledged that “Christians have gotten a reputation for being homophobic because many Christians are homophobic.”

Reflecting on the Supreme Court ruling that legalized same-sex marriage, Christianity Today editor Mark Galli called on evangelicals to repent of homophobia, fear, and prejudice.

Atlanta pastor Dewey Smith took heat for a recent sermon in which he compared the dehumanization of gays to the experience of blacks at the height of the slave trade. “We have done what…

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